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Selection of films and exhibition projects by Madis Luik

Meaning behind the Clocks / Was bedeuten die Uhren?

"Meaning behind the Clocks", 30', 2020

Director, cinematographer, editor - Madis Luik
Interviews - Martin Mutschler
Sound recording and design - Eneko Ezquerro Gomez
Color grading - Hauke Wulff
Title design - Irina Karelina
Independent production, produced by Madis Luik

Documentary film about the Karl Lennert Cancer Centre Kiel 

While nurse Kasim does his daily chores at the Karl-Lennert Cancer Center in Kiel, patient Ms. S. lies in the hospital bed and looks back on her life.  Throughout the course of a day, nurse Kasim reveals details about his own experience with cancer and explains why he is passionate about his job. Despite the fact that Kasim is constantly accompanied by memories of a great loss, he manages to put on a smile and cheer up all the patients.

Ash Mountains / Tuhamäed

"Ash mountains", 72', 2016

Director of Photography: Madis Luik 
Director: Ivar Murd

Feature-length documentary about Kohtla-Järve, a former industrial town in Estonia

Following a cast of characters and exploring the author's personal relationship with the area after tragic events in his life. 

Nominated for "Best director of photography" at the Estonian Film Awards 2018

Membra: Als ich im Sterben lag

"Membra: Als ich im Sterben lag", Musical theatre with documentary film

Film: Madis Luik
Theatre director: Martin Mutschler 
Stage design: Thilo Ulrich
Costumes: Dennis Peschke

More about the project:
- "Hamburger Abendblatt"
- "Die Welt"

Cross-media project with musical theatre and documentary film

"... the director Martin Mutschler devotes himself in a team together with Madis Luik, who is responsible for the significant contribution of the medium film in this work, Thilo Ulrich ... and Dennis Peschke ... to an approach to the subject of death.

This approach takes place on three extremely sensitively coordinated levels: First, through the performance of the Ensemble rheinbarock ... with excerpts from Dieterich Buxtehude's Membra Jesu Nostri Sanctissimi Patientis. ... 

The second level is a quasi-documentary film with interviews of cancer patients of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel as well as inserted sequences of a computer tomograph (CT) circling in eternity like in a Kubrick film. ... " - Achim Dombrowski, "Musiktheater 4.0", O-Ton, 16.11.2017, Hamburg.

City: Viljandi / Linn: Viljandi

"Elmo", 18'

Director, cinematographer, editor - Madis Luik
Interviews - Madis Luik

The project "City: Viljandi" has been exhibited at various galleries in Austria, Estonia, Germany and Italy (Südtirol)

Multi-channel installation about the city of Viljandi, Estonia, involving extensive research of the history and development of the area

"Madis Luik's installative, multimedia narrative work "Linn: Viljandi" / "City: Viljandi" (2014) about the city of his childhood in Estonia combines three formal levels: Photographs of street scenes and architecture that bear witness to historical-political change, texts about his personal thoughts about the city, and the documentary video "Elmo", in which he talks to Elmo Riig, a well-known local journalist" 

"Although all parts are representative representations of the place, nevertheless, it is only with their union that a comprehensible narrative level is reached." - Photo Gallery Vienna, 2016

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