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Complete list of film and exhibition projects 

2015 - 2021

Film & Cross-Media

2020 Meaning behind the Clocks
Documentary film, 30'
Function: Director, DoP, cutter

2017 Membra. Als ich im sterben lag.
Film direction for theater play by Martin Mutschler, Forum der HfMT, Hamburg

2015 "Stay the Night", music video, 4'30''
Function: DoP
Director Ivar Murd

2015 "Lights and Shadows", music video, 3'23''
function: DoP
Director Ivar Murd

2015 - 2018 "Ash Mountains", documentary film, 72'
Function: DoP
Director Ivar Murd

Solo exhibitions

2017 Linn: Viljandi / Città: Viljandi / Kunstraum MItterhofer, San Candido, Italy


2018 Residency at Narva Art Residency 01.08. - 01.10. in Narva, Estonia
Research topic: urbanism and development of Estonian cities

2017 AIR - Artist-In-Residency Krems, 01.08. - 01.10. in Krems on the Danube, Austria.
Research topic: urbanism and development of cities in Austria. Focus on tourism and local history in Krems, Wachau.

Group exhibitions

2016 Lux, live video installation
Forum Finkenau, HAW Hamburg

2016 Nachbilder / Photo Gallery Vienna

2010 - 2015

Projects while studying Video and Video Installation (MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

Film / video

2014 "Elmo", documentary film, 16'
Function: director, DoP, cutter

2014 "Christ Lives in Siberia", documentary film,
Function: Cameraman
Directors Jaak Kilmi, Arbo Tammiksaar

2012 "Drought", feature film, 26'
Function: DoP
Director Ivar Murd

2011 "Erik", feature film, 16'
Function: director, DoP, cutter

2011 "All women are brunettes", feature film, 26'
Function: DoP
Director Hisham Amer

2011 "Salt", feature film / video installation, 45'
Function: assistant for video & sound recording
Director Tarvo Varres

Solo exhibitions

2014 Shared Territories
Exhibition series with Manuel Carreon Lopez
Room Bonygasse, Eyes On: Month of Photography, Vienna

2014 Please, freeze / Linn: Viljandi
Kondas Center, Viljandi

2012 Giving Hand
Tallinn City Gallery

Curated exhibitions

2012 V=abc
In collaboration with Nele Aunap
Katarsis Project Space, Tallinn

Group exhibitions

2015 You can disappear without noticing
Video of the performance by Anna-Maria Saar
SCHMUCK Festival, Munich

2014 In the eye of the beholder
Eyes On: Month of Photography. Praxiskop, Vienna

2014 Hair Sucks
Photo series and video animation for Jaanus Samma.
Tallinn Art Gallery

2014 Werk im Werk 8
Blumentopf Gallery, Vienna

2014 Diploma exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2014 Back to the Future
St. Anne Art Gallery, Lübeck

2013 Parallelaktion
ReMap 4 Biennial, Athens

2013 Plat(t)form 2013
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

2013 Look at yourself, who do you resemble.
Gallery Victoria, Samara
Curator Andrey Parshikov

3rd International Biennial for Young Art Moscow
Curator Andrey Parshikov

2012 Excursion: Cinema
MuMok, Vienna

2012 2 / 7 000 000 000
a collaboration with Diana Ruisz
Chambre D'Amis, Vienna

2012 Cubo Vivo
Pop-up Space Sensengasse 7, Vienna

2012 Das Verhältnis zur Beziehung, in Beziehung zum Verhältnis
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2011 "All that money"
Textile design collection in collaboration with Nele Aunap, Karen Milistver
ERKI Fashion Show, Tallinn

2011 Untold Stories
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2010 Five Directions of Photography through Photography
Brot Kunsthalle Ernst Hilger, Vienna

2010 Disenchanted
Festival for short films, Berlin

Published works

2014 POSITIIV, Issue 19
Järgmine peatus - Viljandi (Next stop - Viljandi)

2013 Cubo Vivo, single issue
Sweet Life, Bitter Artist
Catalog with graphic art works

2008 - 2010

Projects while studying Photography (BA) at the Estonian Academy of Arts

Solo exhibitions

2010 Stiv, Superstar
a collaboration with Jarmo Nagel
Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn

Curated exhibitions

2010 Akadeemia
Project Space March, Tallinn

Group exhibitions

2009 Orientation, a sound exhibition
Rüütelkonna Building, Tallinn

2009 Pop Will Eat Itself
Nu Performance festival
Kanuti Guild, Tallinn
Curator Anders Härm

2009 Alternative Nation: Young Art From Estonia
RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne

2009 Inter Fenster / TOP 5
Estonian Contemporary Art Museum

2009 Inter Fenster
Gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2009 Hare Christmas, Hare Weihnachten
Y Gallery, Tartu

2008 Oi! EMO
Estonian Contemporary Art Museum
Curator Marco Laimre

Published works

2008 Photo magazine Cheese, issue 31
Hotell G9 (Hotel G9)

2008 Värske Rõhk, issue 14
Elu kui selline (Life as such)

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